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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. The clear indication of name of companies handling personal information and scope of targeted personal information.

This Privacy Policy refers to all personal information collected and used by the Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association of Hyogo (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") to the extent necessary for the services provided by the Association. We collect information of our customers and handle it properly within the scope of the purpose of use. We will never provide or disclose it to third parties unless we verify the logs in case of use in violation of the respective terms of our site, or under procedures based on law.

2. About using Google Analytics

On this site, we use Google Analytics to gather access history (log) to grasp the use situation of this site.
Because of that, we use cookies provided by Google Analytics, but Google Analytics has not got any information to identify individuals.
If you want to disable the use of data by Google Analytics, please use the Google Analytics opt-out add-on.
The data collected by using Google Analytics is managed based on Google's privacy policy. Please check the Google Analytics website for the Google Analytics terms of use and privacy policy.

Please note that the Association is not responsible for damages caused by using services such as Google Analytics and Google Analytics opt-out add-on.

3. Purpose of use of targeted personal information

The Association will not handle personal information beyond the scope of the following purpose of use.

  1. Registration information of lawyer list and information on registration of lawyer who is an employee or employee of lawyer's register,

    Information on members' entry, withdrawal, relocation, etc. and information on notification of assistants (hereinafter referred to as "membership withdrawal or the like") is based on the provisions of the lawyer Law (hereinafter referred to as the "Law". It is used for procedures such as registration, registration, withdrawal and entry, creation of lawyer list, creation of lawyer's corporate register and creation of membership list of the association, as well as for the purposes specified below.

    (1) Confirmation of registration of lawyer and report of lawyer Corporation accompanying various training courses and issuance of various certificates including electronic certificate

    (2) Management of contacts and newsletters on meetings and entertainment etc.

    (3) Preparation of statistical data such as statistical survey etc. for remuneration stipulated by law

    (4) Preparation and management of various roster, such as officers list

    (5) Lawyer affairs, clerical affairs related to welfare benefits

  2. Information concerning employment and personnel management concerning employees such as secretariat staff and contract employees is used for personnel management and welfare benefits including payroll calculation.

  3. Information on general citizens for consultation with the Association, complaints filing, workshops held by the Association, applications for participation in lectures, etc. will be used for that purpose only.

  4. In addition to 4.1 to 3, we will use it within the necessary range to achieve the project purpose specified in the Constitution.

4. Whether or not a third party is involved

We will not disclose personal information to third parties without prior consent of the person except in cases when it is stipulated by law.

5. Disposal of data

Regarding information on the general public defined in 2 (3) above, the Association will promptly discard the data as soon as it achieves its purpose of acquisition and no longer needs to possess it.

Supervision to contractors

The Association may outsource the handling of personal information to the outside. In that case, we will conclude a contract to ensure proper handling, check the implementation status, etc.

Implementation of safety control measures

Regarding personal information handled by the Association, the Association will organically, personally, physically and technically secure measures for safety management
In addition to preventing illegal access to personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information, at the same time, even if accident happens, promptly notify the factual relationship etc to the principal, promptly and appropriately We will make maximum efforts to rectify such as preventing accidents from reoccurring.

Compliance with laws and regulations and norms

The Association will comply with the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and the Guidelines and Related Guidelines based on it. In addition, in order to clarify necessary matters concerning ensuring proper handling of personal information, we will establish a personal information protection rule and will comply with officers and employees etc.

Continuous improvement of personal information protection system

The Association may revise this Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Rules from time to time and revise all or part of it. In the event that the Association makes this revision, in addition to clearly stating it in this Privacy Policy, we will also publish it on our website.

Disclosure request for personal data held

With respect to personal data possessed by the Association, based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, only the principal (including proxies) of such personal data, (1) Notification of purpose of use (2) Disclosure (3) Correction, Addition, deletion (4) Suspension of use, Cancellation (5) Cancellation of provision of a third party can be requested. In addition, we will charge a fee for (1) Notice of purpose of use and (2) Request for disclosure.

Opinions and various inquiries.

We respond promptly and appropriately to opinions and inquiries concerning the handling of personal information of the Association including this Privacy Policy. Also, we will accept inquiries regarding various procedures such as disclosure requests and their fees at the following window.

Inquiries / Contacts

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Association of Hyogo Personal Information Protection Consultation Window

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FAX: 078-371-4715


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