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Site Policy

About Hyogo Prefecture Lawyer Website Use

1. About this site

This site (http://www.hyogokai.or.jp/policy/) is the official website operated by Hyogo Prefecture Lawyer Association (hereinafter referred to as "Association").
Based on the Constitution, Enforcement Regulations of the Japa lawyer Association, Hyogo Prefecture Lawyer Association Constitutional Regulations, various regulations, the Public Relations Department Website Group will manage and operate.

2. Terms of use and copyright

All information is considered as copyrighted work of the Association or the original right holder unless there are any provisions, such as photographs, documents, trademarks, etc. posted on this site. Performing acts such as making copies, public transmission, sending permission, etc., of the entire or a part of the posted information without obtaining prior permission from the Association, the copyright owner, the copyright holder, etc, is considered as an infringement actions violating the copyright laws and relevant laws.

3. Regarding the handling of personal information

(1) We will strictly manage and keep personal information sent to the Association. These information is used only for the purpose of statistics and analysis necessary for the management of this website. We will never provide or disclose it to third parties unless we verify the logs in case of use in violation of the respective terms of our site, or under procedures based on laws and ordinances.

(2) This site accumulates user's access history (log). These data are used only for the purpose of statistical and analysis of the site operation, except for the case of checking the logs when the use in violation of each of the terms of this site is made, or by the procedure based on laws, We will not provide and disclose to the third parties.

4. About member information

It is prohibited to copy, transmit and distribute information on the members posted on this site without the prior consent of the Association or the member concerned.

5. About link

The link to this site is free As a general rule, access to this website is free. However, depending on the content of the site of the person who needs to link, the method of linking, depending on the link address, we may refuse it. If you would like a link, please apply to Hyogo Prefecture Lawyer Association.

6. About e-mail

We may not be able to respond to e-mails that contain sources with unclear reasons of communication, or which contain inappropriate content in social norms. In addition, please note that the e-mail you sent will be browsed and circulated to each person in charge, as it is necessary to deal appropriately.

7. About the revision of the site policy

In order to protect personal information of users, we may revise our site policy without prior notice for more efficient management and management, or due to establishment or amendment of laws and regulations, constitutional regulations etc.