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What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Association of Hyogo

About Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Association of Hyogo


Gyoseishoshi lawyers are experts on the preparation of documents to be submitted to public offices such as license and approval, and on day-to-day matters, who are also a "local lawyers in the city" with knowledge about the livelihood of the people. Along with various changes in society, they have diversified and ever-changing roles.

Based on the revision of the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act which came into effect on December 27, 2014, the Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association of Hyogo has conducted training for specified Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association, resulting in 115 special Gyoseishoshi lawyers.With this system, Gyoseishoshi lawyers can be involved in requests for disqualification of ap-plication, disqualification such as cancellation of approval, etc., request for cancellation of administrative guidance, etc., as well as requests for disposition, etc., and as experts in administrative procedures. As their expertise on administrative procedures get stronger, I believe that Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association will be positioned as warriors in who play the roles of transparency and impartiality on administrative procedures.

Currently, the government and local public entities are working together to amend the concentra-tion of businesses in Tokyo to revitalize other regions. Based on this effort, Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association of Hyogo has been focusing on supporting intellectual assets management as a means for Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association to contribute to regional development efforts.

In addition, as the owner and administrator of existing homes are becoming unclear, and with the increase of vacant homes that have been neglected for a long time, in November 2014, the law on special measures against vacant houses was enacted. Gyoseishoshi lawyers think that they can contribute to the business related to regional development by offering services such as consulting on reconstruction of old folk houses by making use of vacant houses, subsidy application to the local municipalities for the removal of dangerous old vacant houses, etc.

As the roles of Gyoseishoshi lawyer's associations become more diversified, Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association has been constantly improving itself in order to provide flexible response, grasp the relevant needs, and serve as the "local lawyers in the city" for the people in the prefecture.

Gyoseishoshi lawyer's Mission

Gyoseishoshi lawyer has a wide range of business scope among nationally certified legal professional, provides legal services that are closely related to the livelihood of the citizens and is trying to fulfill his/her duties with high ethical standards.

The official emblem of a Gyoseishoshi lawyer is the word "line" arranged in the petal of the autumn cherry (cosmos) that expresses harmony and sincerity.As the emblem implies, a Gyoseishoshi lawyer's association mission is to contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of the citizens and the prosperity of the society, and to act as a connection between the people and the government through fair and sincere duties.

Code of Ethics for Gyoseishoshi lawyers

The mission of a Gyoseishoshi lawyer is become a connection between the people and the ad-ministration in order to contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of the people and prosperity of society.

  1. Gyoseishoshi lawyers must stick to the mission, maintain his/her honor, and measure up to the people's trust.
  2. Gyoseishoshi lawyers defends the rights of citizens and fulfills his/her obligations.
  3. Gyoseishoshi lawyers adheres to laws and regulations, is familiar with his/her duties, and performs his/her duties with honesty and integrity.
  4. Gyoseishoshi lawyers always refines his/her personality, and takes pride of his/her decency and education.
  5. Gyoseishoshi lawyers should always be in harmony with each other and maintain his/her honor and good faith.